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LT-4022---Glute Extension Machine

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  • LT-4022---Glute Extension Machine

LT-4022---Glute Extension Machine

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Machine Size (L*W*H)mm: 1363*960*1530

Tube: 50*100*3mm flat elliptical tube

Weight Stack: 70kg

Weight: 245kg


·Adjustable Positions

An easy start position and dual hand positions provide variety for both the pec and read delt fly movements.

·Back Pad

The long, narrow back pad provides back support for Pec Fly exercise and chest support for Rear Delt movement

·Pivoting Arms

To ensure proper positioning in both exercises with minimal adjustments, the arms automatically pivot when the user enters, adjusting to various arm lengths and positions.

·Upholstery Colours

Bordeaux,red,brilliant green,black,light brown,brilliant blue,aviation blue

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